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MainPointe Pharmaceuticals

Specializing in sales and innovative distribution of consumer health differentiated brands and valued supplements that often utilizes unique technologies to improve patient outcomes and enhance consumer wellness.

A trusted partner with more than 50 years of industry experience, established relationships, superior reputation, capital and nimble company structure unlike any other pharmaceutical company.

REACH FOR THE DOCTOR TO HELP TREAT AND PREVENT DIAPER RASH. Dr. Smith’s® is a pediatrician-developed diaper rash treatment that comes in just the right size and application to keep the relief you need for your baby on hand.


Effective prevention and treatment of rash and chafing due to adult incontinence.

When painful discomfort affects the most sensitive areas, Dr. Smith’s® Touch Free Adult Barrier Spray provides the tough, yet gentle, solution needed.

The Solstice® is the registered trademark of Honeywell.
Slide When head lice strike, fight back. Where to purchase your pesticide-free lice elimination kit WHY LYCELLE FAST RELIEF

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