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Lycelle Lice Removal Kit

Lycelle® Head Lice Removal Kit is

Fast, Safe, & Effective

Using Lycelle removes both lice and their eggs in a single† use—and without pesticides. Become free of lice, super lice, and their eggs quickly and conveniently with Lycelle, and get kids back to school and parents back to their routines.


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A Quick, Convenient Choice for

Lice Removal

  • One 10-minute application†
  • Pesticide-free
  • Eliminates lice, super lice, and their eggs
  • Formerly prescription, now available over-the-counter

Stop the Spread of Lice

one & done

Head lice can be spread through head-to-head contact—that is, the head of an infested person touching another person’s head. This is the most common way head lice are transmitted, and it can easily happen among children who are playing at school, at home, or at other sites. Lice infestations can also be spread through contact with personal belongings of someone who has head lice.


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